Mergers and Acquistion Advisory


Recognizing the need to keep operating costs down while ensuring timely and accurate information for decision-making and reporting, organizations have started to embrace the idea of having their accounting function outsourced to competent professionals. This frees up management time as they do not have to be concerned with staff turnover, training and accounting standards changes.

Our Solutions

Our services are helping clients to structure equity deals (such as private investment funds, M&A and prepare them for listing on SGX, ASX or even Londom AIM). This include advisory on take-over or merger or buy-out efforts coming from either within or outside the company that would result in a change of corporate shareholding structure and affect management rights.

Our team of experts hold the International Mergers & Acquisition Charter holder, Certified Fraud Examiners, Forenic Investigator and Certified Forensic Accountant qualifications and have also passed all the individual modules of the Singapore Listed Entity Programme and the Capital Markets Financial Advisory Services License examination for advising on Corporate Finance (Module 4A) and REIT (Module 10)

Due Diligence

We also assist to source and screen target companies to ensure that all necessary due diligence checks are met and the clients' interest is protected.

Fraud risks can also increase when cash is tight. Some employees become more opportunistic — and external hackers, more resourceful. They find security lax in areas of the business that used to be better resourced and they strike. Are your systems and policies sufficiently robust to ward off the risk of fraud?


At the same time, many companies are more likely to pursue litigation for losses that they would otherwise endure in more prosperous times. Disputes arise as they seek to apportion blame to other parties for inappropriate or negligent behavior that results in financial or business loss. Could you end up as instigator or defendant in a litigation case?


With all these demands, often internal audit is elevated from pure compliance to a function that regularly reviews the risk profile for emerging risks and identifies trends while keeping its finger on the pulse of business performance. The chief risk officer, meanwhile, becomes increasingly involved in strategic decision-making where the emphasis is as much on risk as it is on growth. Consult our team of experts who are Certified Internal Auditors (USA) and Certified Risk Assurance (USA). 


Fortify your business. Our professionals who are qualified Financial Risk Managers and Certified Risk Assurance can provide the experience to help companies stay on track and deal with risks that could unhinge their business survival.


Control Self Assessment ("CSA")

We helped clients to devise an appropriate CSA framework and come up with the tools and templates (e.g. controls questionnaire and process owner templates). Through our detailed approach that begins with- Define, Develop, Assess and Update, we aim to use this framework to engage the People to enhance the drive towards greater accountability and ownership of risks and controls in the organisation.

Initial Public Offering ("IPO)") Preparation

We helped clients to advise on various listing routes, on the many stock exchanges, listing requirements on SGX Mainboard or Catalist, preparing the company's internal control system to ensure adequacy to satisfy SGX requirements and align with shareholders values and the Code of Corporate Governance.

Independent Director Appointment Service

We helped clients to source for qualified and experienced individuals to assume appointment of Executive or Non-execitive Independent Directorship, who has satisfy all the requirements of the Singapore Listed Director Entity Programme.


Fraud & Forensic Investigation


We helped clients to design, implement fraud examination processes and investigations with our team of experts from American Board of Forensic Accounting and Certified Fraud Examiners.

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