Derivatives & ESOS Valuation

We assist to perform fair valuation of derivatives for our clients, which can be complex financial instruments that consist of both an equity and a liability component that could have a substantial impact on financial results and affect shareholder returns. Based in Singapore, our services also include the valuation of call/put options, accounting treatment of assets, Forwards, Interest rate and Currency Swaps, preference shares, stock option plans for employees such as the employee share options scheme (ESOS) and Employee Share Option Plan (ESOP) (IFRS 102), Derivative Financial Instruments (IAS 39), warrants, convertible bonds and hybrid securities. We offer our valuation experience to provide fairness opinions, annual appraisals and other valuation-related services to companies across different industries.

Financial Instruments Valuation (IAS 39 or FRS 109)

We are fully updated and proficient in the latest accounting standards, including the newly introduced FRS 109. We apply the latest valuation models such as “Black-Scholes-Merton”, “Binomial-Option Pricing” and “Monte Carlo Simulation Method”, to compute the fair value of various financial instruments.

Employee Share Options Plan ("ESOP/ESOS") (IFRS 102 or FRS 102)

Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (“FRS 102″) or (IFRS 2 Share Based Payments) require that costs relating to share based payments be accounted for in their financial statements. We can help your business to estimate share based expenses by using option pricing valuation models like Binomial or Black Scholes.

ESOP Valuation Singapore

These financial instruments include:

  • Call and put options
  • Convertible bonds and preference shares
  • Forward and futures contracts
  • Employee share options scheme (ESOS)
  • Plan (ESOP) share based performance plans
  • Warrants (listed and non-listed)
  • Adjustment of exercise price of warrants/ESOS/ESOP
  • Financial guarantees
  • Equity-linked investments
  • Swap contracts and Asset backed securities

Our achievements include:-

Devised ESOS/ESOP for a technology start-up gearing for IPO.

Successful valuation for a large SGX listed coal mining company.

Successfully value securities for a listed client under the Medium Term Notes Programme.

Value a call/put option agreement and convertible loan agreement, including guarantees.

ESOS/ESOP options valuation for a fintech startup

ESOS/ESOP options valuation for a technology startup

ESOS/ESOP options valuation for a dance studio

ESOS/ESOP valuation for a digital assets company

Employee Shares Option Plan Singapore

We have a team of highly qualified in-house experts:

  • Chartered Valuer & Appraiser, Institute of Valuers and Appraisers, Singapore;
  • International Certified Valuation Specialist, IACVA;
  • ICVS-A, Advanced Studies in Financial Instruments;
  • Certified Valuation Analyst, National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts;
  • Chartered Business Valuer, Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators;
  • Certified Business Valuer and Registered Business Valuer, Australian Valuers Institute;
  • Asia Pacific Institute of Experts;
  • Completed the Certified Patent Valuation Analyst course.



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