The Benefits Of Adopting GST Assisted Self-help Kit Review

The GST Assisted Self-Help Kit (GST ASK) offered by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) is a valuable resource for businesses aiming to simplify their GST compliance. In this article, we will review the benefits of adopting the ASK, exploring how it helps businesses understand GST requirements, review the accuracy of submissions, reduce the risk of penalties, and fulfil GST scheme requirements.

Understand GST requirements on record-keeping and filing

The GST Assisted Self-Help Kit (ASK) serves as an invaluable tool for businesses to gain a comprehensive understanding of GST requirements related to record-keeping and filing. The ASK provides businesses with clear instructions, guidelines, and examples, simplifying the complex GST compliance process. By utilising the ASK, businesses can learn about the necessary records to maintain, the frequency of GST filings, and the correct filing formats. This understanding ensures that businesses meet the regulatory obligations pertaining to GST filing and record-keeping, reducing the risk of errors and non-compliance.

Review the accuracy of GST submissions

Accurate GST submissions are crucial to maintain compliance and avoid penalties. The ASK enables businesses to review the accuracy of their GST submissions effectively. It incorporates features such as built-in checks, validations, and instant feedback. Through these features, the ASK helps businesses identify potential omissions or errors in real time. Businesses can rectify any inaccuracies by conducting thorough reviews using the ASK before submitting their GST returns. This proactive approach not only reduces the risk of penalties but also enhances the overall accuracy of GST filings.

Reduce risk of facing penalties on common errors made

GST-registered businesses often encounter common errors that can lead to penalties or disputes with tax authorities. The ASK addresses this challenge by providing businesses with guidance and alerts on these common errors. By utilising the ASK, businesses can familiarise themselves with potential pitfalls and implement preventive measures to reduce the likelihood of making these errors. The ASK also offers instant feedback and notifications to alert businesses about any discrepancies or anomalies in their GST submissions. By reducing the risk of incurring penalties, the ASK helps businesses maintain a strong compliance record and enhances their reputation with tax authorities.

Fulfil requirement for application or renewal of GST schemes

Certain GST relief programs or schemes provide businesses with cost savings and administrative benefits. However, businesses must meet specific requirements to be eligible for these schemes. The ASK plays a vital role in assisting businesses in fulfilling the application or renewal requirements for GST schemes. The ASK ensures businesses can navigate the application or renewal procedures smoothly by providing comprehensive guidance on the necessary documentation, processes, and timelines.

This helps businesses unlock the benefits associated with various GST schemes, such as the Major Exporter Scheme (MES), Approved Third Party Logistics Company Scheme (A3PLCS), Import GST Deferment Scheme (IGDS),  and the Approved Marine Fuel Scheme (AMFT), which can result in reduced compliance costs and streamlined operations. Max Lewis provides GST ASK reviews to help businesses ensure the accuracy of their GST submissions and obtain certification for the mentioned GST schemes. Conducting ASK is compulsory when renewing or applying for GST schemes.


The GST Assisted Self-Help Kit (ASK) offers numerous benefits for businesses aiming to simplify their GST compliance. By enabling businesses to understand GST requirements, review the accuracy, reduce the risk of penalties, and fulfil GST scheme requirements, the ASK empowers businesses to maintain compliance, streamline operations, and maximise the benefits associated with the GST framework.

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